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Knowledge base for Overseer Legacy AKA Overseer Version 1 -- a browser game/alchemy simulator/roleplaying aid based on the webcomic Homestuck.

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Features[edit | edit source]

Alchemy Artifact Grist Aspect
Aspect Patterns Battlefield Beginner's Guide to Overseer Legacy
Black King Build Grist Class
Classpect Combo Stats Computer Consumables
Denizens Derse Dream Moons
Dungeons Echeladder FAQ
Fetch Modus Upgrades Fraymotifs God Tier
God Tier Outfits Grist Health Vial
List of Status Effects Monsters Music Playing Items
Medium Newly Changed Articles Overseer Rebuild Information
Prospit Roletechs Sburb
Sburb Devices Sburb Device Upgrades Strife
Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff-Tier Items The Overseer Underlings
Unique Mechanics Wearables

Specibi[edit | edit source]

This is to list all of the specibi currently in Overseer Legacy. This is to just note down and list easy Start to End Game progression lines for each specibi (if any), alongside any notable weapons you find. To note, there are less Strifekinds in Legacy then there are in V2, but ALL unique items and consumables work and function as intended. This includes Flying, Invulnerability, etc.

Aerosolkind Appliancekind Artkind
Automatickind Axekind Backscratcherkind
Bagkind Ballkind Batonkind
Beautykind Birdkind Bladekind
Bonekind Bookkind Boomerangkind
Bowkind Brasskind Broomkind
Brushkind Bunnykind Cakekind
Canekind Cardkind Chainkind
Chainsawkind Chairkind Clawkind
Cleaningkind Clockkind Clubkind
Codekind Coinkind Cubekind
Cuekind Cupkind Dartkind
Dicekind Diggerkind Disckind
Entertainmentkind Explosivekind Fabrickind
Fancysantakind Fankind Flagkind
Flamethrowerkind Flyswatterkind Foodkind
Footwearkind Forkkind Gamekind
Gardeningkind Glovekind Gravekind
Hammerkind Hoopkind Inflatablekind
Keykind Knifekind Lancekind
Lanternkind Laserkind Launcherkind
Lenskind Macekind Metakind
Mirrorkind Needlekind Ninjakind
Oarkind Officekind Pankind
Paperkind Penkind Percussionkind
Pillowkind Pinkind Pistolkind
Pizzacutterkind Plungerkind Polearmkind
Propkind Pubkind Puppetkind
Pyramindkind Racketkind Razorkind
Riflekind Rockkind Sciencekind
Scissorkind Scythekind Shearkind
Shieldkind Shotgunkind Sicklekind
Signkind Skatekind Soundkind
Spatulakind Spearkind Spoonkind
Sportskind Staffkind Stampkind
Statuekind Stringskind Tablekind
Toolkind Toykind Umbrellakind
Wandkind Whipkind Wirekind
Woodwindkind Yoyokind
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